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SEO FRIENDLY BLOG: Rand Fishkin who is the CEO and co-founder of SEO Moz once quoted that “Better content is outweighing more content” which basically means that publishing more and more content can make the search engine of his/her business very effective but only depending on the level of the content and how strong it is. The more content businesses publish on their website, the more website traffic it’ll generate as well as an opportunity for Google Inc. or other search engine based business to rank their webpage. 

What is SEO?

In the years following the digitization era, internet users are now fully aware that whatever you type onto the search engine and press the “enter” key will result in displaying the sources necessary based on the keywords that they used for searching. This process is knowingly termed as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a methodical process where you optimize your content through the search engine. This process is a helpful tool in making sure that the content reaches a certain level in terms of ranking which will outdo the results based on the search terms of the user. While using SEO, the business will be able to implement research on the keywords that the users type on their computer through the usage of assorted tools and analytics only depending on the amount of user traffic it is generating from those keywords.

What is SEO?

Meaning of an SEO Friendly blog and its importance?

To drive more traffic onto your website, the backbone to any successful SEO is in the published pieces and getting a positive view of it from the reader’s perspective. It can be a simple task to improve visibility online but only if you’re meeting the requirements of two important key elements. The first element is to increase engagement by creating content which is of high quality and the second element is to maintain the availability for that content. This process is what we refer to as an SEO friendly blog. This type of blog allows writers to encourage people by creating content that will make the search engine businesses rank their articles. Businesses in the digital era should understand that the content they’re writing about should have valuable information and it’s written well. If the search engine isn’t optimized properly, it is a clear indication that the writers for the SEO friendly blog have created unidentifiable topics and for that reason, the search engine isn’t recognizing them for ranking. 

Meaning of an SEO Friendly blog

How to write a captivating SEO Friendly Blog?

Writing an SEO friendly blog requires a primary keyword that is integral to the writing piece and it can be optimized through the search engine. This is a skill which requires a lot of perseverance and hard work to make sure your content gets an immaculate ranking. Before the content writer starts researching, it is of grand importance to research the necessary keywords. If the content writer of an SEO friendly wants to have accurate search results, then he/she should figure out exactly which keywords do users normally search for that are related to the content the blogger will write about. Be sure to structure your SEO Friendly blog by having a:

  1. Heading (For content analysis, the heading must be clear and understandable to the reader)
  2. Introduction (From the reader’s perspective, getting an insight about the topic before diving into the actual backbone of the blog)
  3. Body (Elaborate more about the topic by defining its purpose, key elements to ensure the success of the keywords, also (optional), examples of successful researched keywords that generated rankings from the search engine.)
  4. Conclusion (Summarize the entire blog and add some morals (what we can learn from this)
SEO Friendly Blog

Inserting backlinks for an SEO friendly Article can be a useful tool in making sure that your blog’s ranking increases. SEO friendly blogs commonly do add backlinks (both externally and internally) but each of them come with their own advantages. Backlinking internally practically means when the SEO Friendly blog writer has older content, it’ll create more buzz of traffic for their website. This method will ensure the writer that his/her SEO friendly blog will have general engagement resulting in the fact that it will keep the reader on the website for a very long period of time. Old posts must be linked internally whenever the creator writes new content (e.g. call-to-actions) when it comes to internally backlinking content writing. External backlinks majorly focuses on the quality and quantity of the links that are being used in the SEO friendly content blog. As a result of having external links, this approach will help in creating validity for the website that is of high quality and its fully-reputable. Having useful links will help in having a higher ranking website and also their trust level increases for the SEO friendly blog 

Maintaining an SEO Friendly Content

When algorithmic based functions are being used through an SEO friendly blog, content writers need to understand that search engine optimisation can only be done for the website depending on having limited keywords (short content) which means the article must be lengthened to a certain extent in order for it to be optimized by the search engines. But in today’s generation, the number of this limitation has increased rapidly. These new algorithms will help in delivering high quality SEO friendly blogs that will catch the eye of the readers and from their perspective, it will deliver better results. Nowadays, SEO posts on a very less-frequent basis and have over 1000 word SEO friendly blogs. Search engines are ready and geared fully to ensure that the readers get the possible and accurate answers necessary. 

The biggest mistake and regret when it comes to writing an SEO Friendly blog is by leaving it all until the end. Never make this mistake as the website with the blogger’s article will never be tailored around the preferred keywords. Researching the right keywords is extremely important and it isn’t complicated coming up with a few for example, Toyota = “car”, McDonalds = “fast food”, etc. They do have keyword tools if any help is required and marketers with professionalism tend to use them to make their research for their article effective. Also regularly uploading content is another useful method when it comes to writing a friendly article based on SEO. 

Conclusion for SEO Friendly Blog

Having quality content for an SEO friendly blog is essential and especially during the era where work gets done easily through digital practices. To have quality content, it is always important to understand elements such as high amount of keywords to make the SEO Friendly blog readable and more effective for the search engine, structurally implement your blog so the reader can easily follow up with the scenario, and have backlinks to ensure more traffic for your website. SEO Friendly Blogs matter a lot to increase website traffic in order to benefit a lot for the business and maximizing as much of it too through SEO. Also optimizing the length of your SEO friendly blog to ensure that it reaches the necessary number of users. Google Inc. has that capability of ranking websites through effective search results but such a thing like this can only occur if the website is functioning properly and the SEO Friendly blog posts are reaching the users.

Conclusion for SEO Friendly Blog

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